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“I believe that a designer’s responsibility is to properly assess a site’s greatest potential and then marry that with a creative and functional design that exceeds the ordinary”. -Daniel Petersen

“We are thrilled with our new outdoor living area! DP BUILDS gave us a creative, one of a kind space that we will enjoy with our friends and family for years to come. We had extremely high expectations and they met them! Most importantly is their integrity, they stand behind their work”.

-Mike Rose (Westhaven)


Our approach to design is simple and comfortable. We will lead you through a process of maximizing the potential of your property. We are interested in how you live, your aesthetic and how you want to use the space. We take care to go beyond the obvious, often making the most of the seemingly useless portions of your property. We offer scaled 3D design to help you visualize the concept. For us, design doesn’t stop after we break ground.


The difference can be seen from the start of the project. Communication doesn’t stop at design. We are diligent to keep you in the loop. Maintaining a good relationship throughout the project is priority. We want you to be at ease and we welcome questions. Our goal is to go above and beyond your expectations. Smart and efficient, we maximize our time and yours. We are licensed General Contractors with years of experience. Our projects are not only beautiful, they’re engineered to last.

Daniel Petersen

Daniel is a professional landscape designer recognized and decorated for years in Atlanta by the annual Atlanta Garden & Patio show and has been featured three times on HGTV’s Ground Breaker’s series. For 27 years Daniel has led the industry in cutting edge landscape design and outdoor living trends. His intuitive ability to design spaces that fit seamlessly into his customers’ lives is second to none.



Thank you for your interest in DP Builds. As professionals, we value your time and know that the process of hiring a great partner for your project can be arduous. There are many companies to consider and many sites to browse, in order to find the style and quality that you are seeking. DP Builds is an owner-operated and managed company. We have been in the green industry for twenty-five years and pride ourselves on thoughtful and creative design and excellent customer relations. Our niche is the mid to higher end outdoor living industry and are best partnered with homeowners who place a premium on their outdoor experience. Our projects typically average between fifty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars. If you feel that this description fits your intent and budget, please give us a call to schedule a design consultation. We look forward to creating a space that exceeds your expectations.

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